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Hi. I'm Whitney.

A contemporary mixed media artist in the Pacific Northwest with roots in dance, teaching and a life-long love of design. For me, art means constantly growing, learning, exploring. The two words that best describe what drives me artistically have always been “What if?

Primarily an abstract artist, my work is encaustic and mixed media with an emphasis on Indigo dye. My work is influenced by my background in dance and a fascination with the sensuous beauty found within color, texture, movement and form.

whitney blue fingers.JPG

Inspire.  Create.  Encourage.


​My work with dye began 28 years ago, eventually leading to my focus on Indigo dye. I created a technique where I interact enthusiastically with the dye, in dramatic contrast to traditional methods. ”Rambunctious Indigo” is an exuberant process, requiring spontaneity and a willingness to relinquish control, allowing the piece the freedom to express itself. I feel that my relationship with the dye encourages me to be receptive to what develops, to be completely in the moment creatively. I have developed an interaction where my role is to coax the dye to dance.



These pieces portray my love of earth. The colors are influenced by the vast array of greens that surround me - so thankful to live in the Northwest, the feeling of rich soils under bare feet - the connection to terra firma, the blues of the coast - from pale turquoise to ultramarine so deep it approaches black, the golds of a warm, sunny day. I relish the inclusion of unusual mediums, such as rust, roofing tar, soils.


These paintings are created with many layers of wax before being exposed to fire. Often burned at an event or gallery opening, it is exciting to witness. Releasing paintings to this process requires me to allow the painting to designate its own movement and final design and I find that this metamorphic technique rewards me with stunningly intricate designs.

So much is communicated by touch. I have always been very tactile and consistently find joy in sculpting. There is something so satisfying about feeling the art come to life at your fingertips. I love exploring depth and dimension, as well as texture and message.


Community Connection

As a member of a vibrant region of artists I believe in being connected to other creatives, to share encouragement and find inspiration in others' work. I'm fortunate

to associate myself with groups of artists that impress and embolden my work.

  • Women Painters of Washington

  • Edmonds Art Studio Tour Steering Committee

  • Preview of the EAST at the Edmonds Arts Festival Chair

  • Women Painters of Washington Show Chair

  • Cole Gallery, Instructor

  • International Encaustic Artists

  • Artists Connect

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