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Join me at my Edmonds studio, where you will be encouraged and guided to allow your creative side to thrive!

Imagine taking an art class with all supplies provided! All you need to do is show up!


Rambunctious Indigo   $95

Learn new techniques to create striking designs on canvas.

Encaustic    $95

Explore the enchanting realm of painting with rich wax pigment.

PanPastel    $95

Learn the lovely secrets of working with PanPastel and wax!

Sunprinting    $85

Create beautiful textiles by combining an array of brightly-colored dyes with sunshine.

Primitive Bowls    $85

Learn to create distinctive bowls using wax, tar and a variety of other materials.

These fun 3 hour workshops are good for beginners to advanced.

Class price includes all materials needed.

Please contact me for class schedules or to arrange a group class.


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